Understanding the value of your inventory

In addition to our programs,  We offer all of our clients certain core services that are at the heart of the Universal Telecom approach. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and agility: whatever your needs, we’ll find a way to meet them.

Quality Check
Quality Check
Data Wiping
Data Wiping
Grading and Functional Testing
Grading & Functional Testing
Repair or Recycle
Wholesale Distributers
Wholesale / Distributors

Residual Value

Universal Telecom has accumulated detailed and extensive data on mobile devices.  This information about markets, channels, country/regional characteristics, and etc.   Provides market-leading insights into the entire life cycle of equipment across multiple key points.  In addition to using this information to drive our own purchases and sales.  This data also enriches our customers’ understanding of the secondary market.  and It also enables Universal Telecom to construct specific and aggregated residual value curves for our customers’ repurchase and trade-in programs.

Asset Recovery

Whether you are dealing with returns or defective inventory.  We will provide a series of models to meet your risk level. As a market leader, you can trust that we will make distribution decisions and that protect market value.

Open Market

Universal Telecom works with a wide range of channel partners worldwide.  Our unique business model enables us to build stronger relationships with small and medium-sized distributors around the world and understand market trends. This allows us to place the right asset in the right place at the right time.


No matter which industry you belong to.  We can help build a better end-to-end customer experience through customized pricing models, guaranteed pricing, and responsible redistribution. With our understanding of surplus value, we can gain market share, promote upgrades, and build customer loyalty, while reducing risk. Learn more about our exchange program for equipment exchange here.  Also we are providing 60 days warranty for each mobile.

No matter what your business issue, we’ll help you develop a strategy that maximizes the value of your inventory.