Take advantage of the secondary market

Manufactures – As OEMs pay more and more attention to lifetime customer value, also the residual value of equipment has become an important issue.

Universal Telecom is the best used iPhones wholesale sellers in UAE.  At Universal Telecom we have seen the impact of the secondary market on the purchase of equipment. By working with manufacturers to manage the residual value curve responsibly. Also Universal Telecom ensures that the secondary market is an active leverage for their brands, and protecting their primary market and ASP.

Network and experience

Surplus value is the core of what we do and the value we bring to customers. When you create a product ecosystem and retail experience. We ensure that your inventory provides you with the most value today and also in the future. After leading the secondary market for nearly 9 years. We have an unparalleled network of channel partners around the world. also Providing access and understanding of important parts of the market.

Value maximization

Whether we are working with your end-of-life equipment to provide profitable and responsible redistribution. Or assisting your in-store trade-in program. We will always take care to protect the remaining value of your equipment. The benefits are significant-from reducing costs to the ability to establish financing and leasing programs at a lower monthly cost. also helping to retain and acquire customers.

Product Range

Our scale and influence allow us to use a wide range of products. From warranty returns and demonstration inventory to brand new equipment. This means that we can place inventory in the right place at the right time to protect residual value and build brand loyalty.

Why work with Universal Telecom :

Enter a new market

Buy our products where can bring the most value. We use demand from all over the world to find markets that other distributors cannot reach.

Strategic market approach

Focusing on residual value requires long-term partnerships.


Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory, whether it’s unsold or returned.

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