Avoid These Mistakes Before Buying Bulk iPhones

Avoid These Mistakes Before Buying Bulk Quantity iPhones


    Apple iPhone is one of the premium quality brand, many wholesalers sell bulk quantity iPhones, but while buying bulk iPhones, we need to avoid big mistakes because these mistakes can lead to huge losses. So let’s discuss the important things to check before buying wholesale iPhones.


  1. Make sure the phones are unlocked

This is one of the important things to check before buying iPhones wholesale. Because locked iPhones can only work with the carrier they are locked to. So always buy unlocked iPhones, or choose the best wholesaler of used iPhones that offers a good warranty period.

Bonus Tip: Consider Universal Telecom FZCO. Because we offer a 3-month replacement warranty. So it helps to build confidence to buy in bulk quantity.

  1. Make sure the display is original

The display is another important factor. Because most sellers repair with duplicate display, an iPhone’s display is the most expensive thing. So don’t buy these types of devices, make sure the display is original and also the pixels are working well.

  1. Make sure visible parts are clean without scratches or dents.

Visible parts means, make sure the body parts of the iPhone are in good condition. Like without scratches or dents. (Body panel’s quality varies based on grades, so try to buy iPhones with an A grade)

Bonus tip: Universal Telecom offers only A graded iPhones at the lowest prices.

  1. Make sure the battery health is normal

Most of the sellers are boosting the battery of the iPhones, so it is very difficult to find the best quality phones. So make sure to buy wholesale used iPhones only from trusted wholesalers of iPhones.

  1. Make sure the internal parts are original and in good working condition

Check internal parts like the board, camera, antenna, etc… and make sure the parts are in good condition. Don’t pick the phones if an overheating problem is detected as it could be IC or battery problem. So choose only the best condition phones or select a wholesaler who offers the best warranty period. Because checking the heating problem is a time-consuming activity, so if any problem is found during the warranty period, it will help to replace the iPhones.

So avoid these mistakes before buying bulk quantity iPhones

Why Universal Telecom FZCO

Universal Telecom is the best wholesaler of used iPhones in the UAE. We only deal with unlocked used iPhones, and also we have iPhone experts, that’s why we know every single issue of used iPhones. Universal Telecom provides only A-graded iPhones with 3 months warranty. So these are the trust factors of our customer to buy from us. 

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