Different Types of iPhone Functionality Testing

Who is Universal Telecom?

     Universal Telecom is one of the country’s most trusted best wholesaler of used iPhones from Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) UAE. We buy used iPhones directly from carrier trade-in programs and Big-Box retailers. All used iPhones are expertly certified and have an excellent in-class testing process. During this time both are functionally tested and graded. As an industry, we are well aware of the challenges posed by incompatible and incomplete triads. Therefore, we try to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency. We aim to redefine the industry with the best-in-class technology to simplify the process of selling used iPhones and accessories. Let us discuss what are the different types of iPhone Functionality Testing.

 iPhone Functionality Testing

Different Types of iPhone Functionality Testing

  1. Touch Screen Test: Our experts certify that all touch screen areas work without a single scratch
  2. Display: original display in good working condition
  3. Body Panel: Make sure there are no scratches or dents on the body panel.
  4. Battery Health: Test the charging time and holding time to certify the battery. If there is any problem with the battery during charging or holding, our experts will replace the battery.
  5. Battery Charging Test: This is a certification of battery charging and draining and also checks how long the phone takes to charge the battery to 100%.
  6. Earpieces Test: Testing of the earpieces works well without any noise.
  7. Loudspeaker Test: make sure the loudspeakers are works well.
  8. Headset Test: This is the testing of the headset port and certifies that there is no problem when plugging the headset into the port.
  9. Microphone Test: Make sure the microphones are working perfectly.
  10. Camera Test: Checks the inside and outside of the lens to make sure the camera is in perfect condition without any scratches.
  11. Flashlight Test: Make sure the flashlight works perfectly.
  12. Camera recording test: This is a certification of camera recording, and also Ensures that recorded images and video are excellent.
  13. Screen Dimming Test
  14. Screen Pixel Test: Testing the pixels of the display.
  15. Sensors Test: Certify the sensors “Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, and also the fingerprint sensor” are working perfectly.
  16. Rotation Test: Assure the screen rotation is working or not.
  17. Wi-Fi Test: Checking of WIFI connectivity and the WIFI speed testing also.
  18. Bluetooth Test
  19. Sim Card Test
  20. Vibration Test
  21. Face ID Test
  22. Button Test
  23. Touch ID Test
  24. Heating Test

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