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Used and Refurbished iPhone XR

Used iPhone XR

Discover the optimal blend of affordability and performance with the Unlocked Pre-Owned iPhone XR, exclusively from Universal Telecom. As a trusted wholesale provider of pre-owned and refurbished iPhones, we introduce a certified pre-owned device that delivers a premium iPhone experience with affordable wholesale pricing.

Key Features of Used and Refurbed iPhone XR:

  1. Liquid Retina Display: Immerse yourself in the brilliant 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, offering vibrant colors and sharp details for an exceptional visual experience.
  2. Face ID Security: Enjoy convenient and secure unlocking with Face ID, Apple’s advanced facial recognition technology that safeguards your device and data.
  3. A12 Bionic Chip: Powered by the A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone XR ensures swift performance, making multitasking smooth and handling demanding apps with ease.
  4. Single 12MP Camera with Smart HDR: Capture incredible photos and 4K videos with the 12MP rear camera, featuring Smart HDR for vivid and lifelike images.
  5. iOS Ecosystem: Stay up-to-date with the latest iOS updates and access the App Store’s extensive library of apps and games, enhancing your productivity and entertainment.
  6. Long Battery Life: The iPhone XR’s efficient battery ensures that you stay connected and powered throughout your day, no matter the task.
  7. Unlocked & Carrier Freedom: This iPhone XR is factory unlocked, providing you with the freedom to choose any carrier and switch as needed, both domestically and internationally.


Our Pre-Owned iPhone XR devices undergo rigorous inspections, refurbishment, and testing by certified technicians. While they may exhibit minimal cosmetic wear, such as light scratches, they are in excellent working condition and classified into Universal Telecom grades.

R2 Certified: Universal Telecom is an R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified wholesaler. This certification ensures that our refurbishment and recycling processes adhere to the highest industry standards for quality, environmental responsibility, and data security.

Environmentally Responsible: Choosing a pre-owned and refurbished device is an environmentally responsible choice. By reducing electronic waste and extending the life of existing devices, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

Certified Refurbishment: Our Pre-Owned iPhone XR devices undergo a meticulous refurbishment process conducted by our certified technicians. This includes comprehensive hardware and software checks, ensuring that the device meets our stringent quality standards.

MOQ: 50 Pcs

Liquid Retina Display

Single 12MP Camera with HDR

A-12 Bionic Chipset

iPhone XR is available in six colors at Universal Telecom: black, white, blue, yellow, red, and coral.

Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
Used and Refurbished iPhone XR
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Tested and Certified By Experts

Every Apple iPhone XR at Universal Telecom undergoes rigorous testing and certification by our experts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each device meets the highest standards for performance and reliability, providing you with the confidence of a top-tier product.

Global Shipping - No Matter Where you Are

Our efficient global shipping ensures your wholesale orders, including Apple iPhone XR devices, reach you promptly and reliably. Expand your business reach and cater to customers around the globe.

2 Month Warranty for Your Trust

Experience worry-free wholesale with our two-month warranty at Universal Telecom. knowing you're covered for any unforeseen issues during the initial two months. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a swift resolution and a reliable, hassle-free experience.

Why Universal Telecom for wholesale used and refurbished Apple iPhone XR

Trusted Industry Reputation

Rely on Universal Telecom’s trusted reputation in the wholesale market for used and refurbished devices.

Our consistent delivery of top-tier products and customer-centric services has positioned us as a reliable partner for businesses seeking quality wholesale solutions.

Diverse Selection

Explore a diverse selection of wholesale Apple iPhone XR devices, catering to various customer preferences and demands.

Universal Telecom ensures that you have access to a comprehensive range of models, colors, and storage capacities.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Choose sustainability with Universal Telecom’s eco-friendly refurbishment and recycling practices.

By opting for wholesale used and refurbished devices, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and promoting a more sustainable future.

Competitive Pricing

Universal Telecom offers competitive pricing, combining affordability with the premium features of the Apple iPhone XR.

Maximize your profit margins while providing your customers with an unbeatable deal on high-quality, refurbished devices.

Benefit from our transparent grading system, providing clear insights into the condition of each iPhone XR.

Universal Telecom ensures honesty and openness in communicating the quality of our wholesale devices, fostering trust with our clients

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Choose Universal Telecom for wholesale used and refurbished Apple iPhone XR devices and experience unparalleled quality, reliability, and value. As a trusted provider in the wholesale market, we ensure that each iPhone XR undergoes rigorous testing and certification, guaranteeing optimal performance. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our transparent grading system and a generous two-month warranty. With a diverse selection, competitive pricing, and eco-friendly practices, Universal Telecom stands as the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier wholesale solutions.